Anything that can be smart
can be simple.

Jamdeo helps companies make and sell great, connected devices that consumers love to use. We are an innovation company, with proven experience in making next generation products, now.

Smart and Simple

The Internet of things (IoT) is delivering an expanding ecosystem of connected devices to our homes. But competing platforms, closed systems, complex set ups and confusing apps leave consumers frustrated. We think that anything that can be smart can be simple.

Power of potential

Jamdeo works with customers who make and sell connected devices, to deliver value to the whole product, potential and experience of those devices. We make connected devices work better and ensure the consumer experience is always fantastic. Our solutions unlock the potential of connected devices and drive real returns for our customers.

14 million devices

The Jamdeo team's category-defining innovation powers more than 14 million devices, including Hisense Vidaa – the best selling Smart TV in China. Our customers rely on us to deliver fantastic user experiences to next generation devices including mobile phones and Smart TVs.

Help build what’s next, now

Our passionate, creative team is working on making connected devices better – for both companies who make them and the consumers who use them. Our culture is unique, the pace is fast, and we love what we do. Want to join us? We are hiring.

We are better together