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A Hisense Design and Technology Studio

We craft great digital experiences that consumers love to use. We thrive on innovation and have proven experience in making next generation products, now.

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Fantastic Experience


Jamdeo reinvented the model for Smart TVs and connected TV devices. We gave consumers a fantastic 10-foot lean-back TV experience, with all the features of a Smart TV and none of the complexity. Our platform gives OEMs a consistent, portable and robust foundation. We abstract the TV experience from hardware and optimize system performance, across multiple chipsets.

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Innovating Everyday

Our digital experiences and system software are embedded on over 7 million devices.


Anything smart can be simple.

The Internet of things (IoT) is delivering an expanding ecosystem of connected devices to our homes. But competing platforms, closed systems, complex set ups and confusing apps leave consumers frustrated. We think that anything that can be smart can be simple.

Multi-Screen Verse

Jamdeo Tandem is a second screen companion app for a Jamdeo-powered TV, OTT box or STB. Tandem gives contextual actions and information - without interrupting the viewing experience. Because Tandem is aware of what is on the TV, consumers instantly get an enhanced, contextually relevant experience on the second screen.